Saturday, 27 May 2017

Blocking Board

Here is the blocking board Nigel so kindly made me to block my crochet motifs.  Its just a piece of wood with holes drilled in and metal pins.  He's drilled lots of holes so I can move the pins and block all sorts of different shaped motifs. Nigel's got loads of bits of wood lying around and the pins he made from some ground sheet staples which he cut up.  I have some hexagonal motifs on there at the moment which are part of another ongoing project which is actually at the joining together stage.  I will post about that separately with more pics and the pattern.

TARN (Teeshirt Yarn)

Over the last few days I've been busy making the above balls of tarn.  Nigel and I had a massive clearout of teeshirts and instead of chucking them I am sitting and cutting them up to make balls of teeshirt yarn.  I found this YOUTUBE tutorial very helpful (although the woman in the video is a tad annoying at times).  Another YouTube tutorial for joining strips of yarn can be found HERE .
The picture on the right is my tarn rug project, I'm using a big fat 12mm hook and single crochet and it is quite speedy to do although I can only do a couple of balls worth a day as it is quite hard going the makes my hands ache so its a bit of a long term project.   I'll post more pics as it grows!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


This is my latest project which I have just finished.  Its a light summer poncho, a birthday present for little Abby, Ben & Em's youngest girl (our youngest granddaughter).  It was so simple to make, it consists of 16 solid granny squares, crocheted with a 5mm hook in acrylic double knit yarn.  HERE is a youtube video tutorial for a solid granny square.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Tea Cosy

Here is a teacosy I crocheted for my brother Bobby who has a collection of teapots, including this Royal Albert Old Country Roses one.   I didnt follow a pattern, just made it up myself using the dimensions of the teapot, working downwards from a chain circle using a basic puff stitch.  I used a 5mm hook and acrylic double knitting yarn.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out, my first teacosy.


Here is my latest finished project, a crochet handbag in ice blue sparkly wool, fully lined and padded, zipped and pop...